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Dustin Hoffman : Captain James Hook, voice of the airplane pilot
Robin Williams : Peter Banning/Peter Pan
Julia Roberts : Tinker Bell
Bob Hoskins : Smee, garbage sweeper in Kensington Gardens
Maggie Smith : Wendy Darling
Caroline Goodall : Moira Banning
Charlie Korsmo : Jack Banning
Amber Scott : Maggie Banning
Laurel Cronin : Wendy's housekeeper Liza
Phil Collins : Inspector Good
Arthur Malet : Tootles, appears as a senile old man in London scenes
Kelly Rowan : Peter Pan's Mother
Dante Basco : Rufio, leader of Lost Boys
Isaiah Robinson : Pockets, Lost Boy
Jasen Fisher : Ace, Lost Boy
Raushan Hammond : Thud Butt, Lost Boy
James Madio : Don't Ask, Lost Boy
Thomas Tulak : Too Small, Lost Boy
Alex Zuckerman : Latchboy, Lost Boy
Ahmad Stoner : No Nap, Lost Boy
Gwyneth Paltrow : young Wendy Darling
David Crosby : Tickles, "Long live the Hook!" pirate
George Lucas : (uncredited)Man Kissing on Bridge
Carrie Fisher : (uncredited)Woman Kissing on Bridge
Jimmy Buffett (uncredited): shoe-stealing pirate
Glenn Close (uncredited): Gutless, "boo-box" pirate
Regina Russell : redheaded mermaid
Tony Burton (uncredited): pirate


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