Other people said about Gwyneth..

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Other people said about Gwyneth..

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Kate Winslet said after Oscars:

"The best part of the Oscars was seeing this new mothers. Gwyneth and Julia - they looked so beautiful, soft and grounded. They didn't look like that before." Very Happy

Rachel Pine, the author of The Twins of Tribeca.

Gwyneth Paltrow is extremely professional and takes her job very seriously - she does everything -- the acting, the media, the appearances -- everything, with a sense of understanding about how important her participation is to a film, and she seems to have a lot of respect for the people with whom she works. A lot of women are very jealous of her. In some ways, well, who wouldn't be? She's gorgeous and talented, and dated some highly desirable men before marrying a rock star, and picked up a Best Actress Oscar on the way. It's enough to make even the most level-headed woman want to scream,"ENOUGH - LEAVE SOMETHING FOR SOMEONE ELSE!" I think she handled it by holding herself to a higher standard and demonstrating how serious she was -- and treating the people around her very, very well. She really never gave the gossip columns much to write about it. Lindsay Lohan and some of that set could really learn a lot from Gwyneth's example.


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